Biorevitalisation with plasma rich in growth factors PRP - PRGF

Biorevitalisation with PRP-PRGF

Treatment with plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) is an innovative technique for skin rejuvenation. Platelets are small parts of the cells which circulate in the blood and have the job of triggering the process of repairing and rebuilding damaged cells, thanks to the release of un elevated quantity of growth factors. As soon as some tissue is damaged, within the blood platelets arrive which activate the various natural chemicals which stimulate the damaged cells of the organ, causing them to repair themselves: in this way wounds can heals, bone bonds back together, and so on. When the damaged tissue is repaired the stimulation of the platelets ends and the process is stopped.

What does PRGF treatment involve?

The technique involves the use of isolated growth factors (protein) present in the blood of the patient, with the aim of stimulating and accelerating the regeneration of body tissue. A blood sample is taken, just as in a blood test, which is then placed for several minutes in a specific centrifuge, which then separates the sample into various parts: in the lower part fall red and white blood cells, and in the upper part the plasma and platelets. The platelet gel obtained in this way is then used in order to repair body issue by means of intra-dermal injections.

What are the main uses of this particular technique?

The use of growth factors has been noted for some time as useful in the treatment of various medical problems, not only related to the skin. PRGF is used in vascular surgery, dentistry and also in treatment for hair loss, where it has been successful due to its safety, comfort and effectiveness: in this area the growth factors stimulate the replication of cells in various parts of the hair follicle in order to ensure that the hair continues to replace itself.
But the main difference between PRGF and other treatments is the extremely powerful concentration of natural growth factors which naturally stimulate the cells of the hair follicles and encourage the growth of new follicles.

When is PRGF used in cosmetic medicine?

Growth factors are used in Cosmetic Medicine, by means of injection, to lessen the effect of wrinkles and to increase the thickness and brightness of the skin, making it look younger – rejuvenating and thus obtaining true biorevitalisation. This treatment is advised above all for patients who want to rejuvenate their face, hands, neck and chest area, but can also be used to treat other zones such as the stomach, thighs and arms.

What can be expected post treatment?

The patient can return straightaway to normal daily life after treatment. After each session, the patient will experience a slight tightening of the skin for a few days, with a light lifting effect. The results start to be visible after around 24 hours, and will be progressively better after the successive treatment sessions. Rejuvenation treatment with PRGF is recommended after age 35 with the aim of preventing the aging process and after 45 with the aim of skin regeneration. The number of sessions varies from patient to patient and depends on the grade of skin aging. It is usually recommended to undergo three sessions in the first year, with a gap of one month in between, and then two sessions each year to maintain the results.

Are there any side effects with this treatment?

The gel platelets are autologous, meaning that they are obtained from the same body to which they are inserted, meaning there is therefore no possibility of an allergic reaction or rejection. It involves only the moving of platelets to a part of the body which has need of their activation but where the body has not sent this “message”. At no stage of the treatment will the blood come into contact with the outside world, meaning that it there is no chance of contamination.
Patients should not undergo this treatment if they have infectious diseases or illnesses related to the immune system.