Biorevitalisation – Biostimulation – Non-surgical rejuvenation

Chemical peelings, revitalisation substances or laser treatment can be used in order to rejuvenate the skin of the face without recourse to surgery. These dermo-aesthetic treatments eliminate smaller wrinkles, acne scars and discoloration of the skin.
For integrated therapy, provoking a stimulation of the production of collagen and an acceleration in cell replacement.
A true and proper cosmetic face-building.


Correction and biorevitalisation of the face:
Of course, when it comes to skin, we are not all the same. Sometimes it is dry, sometimes greasy, sometimes robust, sometimes delicate, sometimes it is sensitive to the sun, sometimes it tans easily.
Skin type have can also change in the same person according to various biological factors: greasier in adolescence, drier during the period of the menopause and during low-calorie diets, more spent in periods of stress or insomnia.
Knowing one’s own skin, its weak points and its needs, is the basis of knowing how to treat it, and also to defend the balance and wellbeing of the epidermis.
With the passing of the years the skin of the face will inevitably tend to become looser and less bright and clear, as the cellular processes of the skin cuticles change, the circulation slows, and the level of melatonin alters. Cellular turnover, which usually occurs in the space of 28 days, undergoes a progressive slowing down. It is no wonder then that we experience the presence of wrinkles, skin folds, dark areas and swelling. Modern cosmetic medical research, thanks to a powerful restructuring anti-aging formula, is now able to fight these undesirables.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid is a completely natural and bio-interactive substance, exactly the same as that present in skin tissue, which with the aging process experiences a constant and considerable decrease.
Let’s not forget that it is precisely this substance which gives compactness to the edges of our profile, stimulating the formation of new collagen, improving the cohesion between the cells of the epidermis and fight the aging effect of free radicals.
Easy to achieve simply by making sure that a high content of hyaluronic acid is present in the skin tissue. Inserted using various techniques, it gives the patient an immediately visible improvement and, in time, is able to combat the areas of the body most at risk of aging.
What’s more, because it can be distributed evenly and uniformly throughout the dermis, it can be used with optimal results on the lips, both small and deep wrinkles, folds, scars and the neck and chest area.
The youthfulness of the face, in fact, depends greatly on the skin tone of these extremely vulnerable areas, continually affected by the intense activity of the expression muscles and atmospheric agents, which leave visible marks.
In order for the “bio-revitalisation” programme, which depending on the case will be either preventative or restorative, to have easily appreciable results, it is necessary to have two to three sessions, with a gap of ten to twenty days in between each one. 
To then maintain the results obtained by the treatment it is recommended to have more treatment after 2-3 months. 
Studies have shown that after around 12 weeks 80% of the area treated will still have visible results, and after 24 weeks more than half of the area of the face will still have a noticeable effect. With some patients the results can last for as long as a year, with the average being six months.
This depends on a series of factors, such as the anatomical make up of the patient, the condition of the skin itself or the technique used in the insertion of the hyaluronic acid. 
There have been no indications of negative reaction or hypersensitivity found. 
Some patients will experience a small, temporary reaction in the treated area, which should be considered completely normal, lasting only a short time and not likely to cause any complications.
More serious reactions such as swelling or bruising occur in less than 2% of cases. 


Biorevitalisation with growth factor platelets (PRP – PRGF)

Treatment with plasma rich in growth factors is an innovative technique for skin rejuvenation. Platelets are small parts of the cells which circulate in the blood and have the job of triggering the process of repairing and rebuilding damaged cells, thanks to the release of un elevated quantity of growth factors. As soon as some tissue is damaged, within the blood platelets arrive which activate the various natural chemicals which stimulate the damaged cells of the organ, causing them to repair themselves: in this way wounds can heals, bone bonds back together, and so on. When the damaged tissue is repaired the stimulation of the platelets ends and the process is stopped.