Non surgical Facelift

Non surgical facelift

Facelift invisible without pain

Now is possible.
What woman would not want to show fewer years without do invasive surgery?
Today, thanks to advances in cosmetic medicine you can use a invisible facelift , without pain, quick, effective and also suitable for men.

At what age can be done?

Normally from 35 to 65 years old.
This new type of facelift is possible thanks to the use the resorbable wires: acid
poly-lactic and the PDO (polidioxanone)
The first, are traction wires are derived from the polymer of acid lactic. Are placed under the skin and put in traction. At the end of the treatment may appear a little swelling and discomfort that will disappear in a few days.
These wires with time will be resorbable, giving rise to a regeneration of new collagen resulting in a further improvement in the result for about 18 months. The treatment is carried out with a soft local anesthesia.

The PDO wires instead are regenerative, biostimulants even easier to insert as it is not necessary to anesthesia.
Are inserted under the skin by means of very fine needles stimulating the self-production of collagen, so as to improve support and tonicity of the tissues.

The treatment effects are visible already after 2-3 weeks and the reabsorption occurs within 6 months. Skin appears sleeker, toned and firm.

The wires in PDO and polylactic acid can also be used in other areas such as the neck, cleavage, breasts, inner arms, inner thighs, inner and outer knee.
This type of treatment permettegià the next day to resume normal social activities, is an effective intervention and long-lasting.
Below are some figures that illustranano based on the result that you want to get where they are commonly placed wires. It will then be the doctor thanks to his experience and his specific training which will select the best position for maximum effect.


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