Vascular Laser – Capillary Treatment

Vascular Laser – Capillary Treatment

Vascular Problems

“Pathological dilations of the peripheral veins of small calibre”.
This is how Von Graf defined this well known problem of the legs.
What we would usually call varicose veins are a common problem, particular in older patients, clearly visible and a cause of dissatisfaction for many.

Varicose veins can be blue or red, depending on the individual case, and can vary in terms of both their shape and size, affecting all parts of the leg but in particular the thighs.

Clinically speaking, telangiectasia, meaning varicose or spider veins, have either congenital and therefore genetic causes, or acquired causes, meaning that they occur as a result of an underlying cause related to external factors.

For this reason during the consultation the doctor carefully assesses the physical condition of the patient, paying particular attention to certain factors that can bring about the onset of varicose veins, including age, hormonal state, obesity, yo-yo dieting, level of physical exertion and exposure to the sun.


Diode Laser

The diode laser is a multi-purpose instrument with a monochrome beam, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the patient.

The laser selectively targets red protein present in the blood, passing through the skin and hitting the capillary which contains the protein.

The diode laser is used to help combat benign tumours, rosacea, spider veins and varicose veins.

Spider angiomas is found beneath the skin surface and consists of a formation of capillaries in a spider shape , while spider veins must be carefully evaluated as they can often be a symptom of more serious problems related to blood pressure, meaning that the patient is advised to undergo an examination of both superficial and deeper veins in the legs. In this case the best treatment is with the Nd: Yag laser.

Vascular Laser Therapy

The fibre diodo laser can be used in order to treat a reticular vein by reforming a group of capillaries.

Dye Laser

Emits a 595 nm laser beam, which can be selectively adjusted in order to treat all skin blemishes of a red colour. 

With the use of this laser the capillaries “erupt”, thus being destroyed. After a couple of months the appearance of these capillaries will either have faded, necessitating a second treatment session, or will have disappeared completely.

The Dye Laser can be used to treat the following:
Spider veins and capillaries, warts, stretch marks, rosacea and birthmarks.

Treatments is virtually painless, the patient experiencing only a slight burning sensation.


YAG Neodymium Laser

Used for reticular veins and blue capillaries of 1mm.
Works by cooling the skin by means of cryogen in order to reduce the collateral thermal effects on the skin and lessen pain. The veins in question are then treated.