Laser Liposculpture

Cellulite, localised fat deposits, loss of skin tone: Different issues, yet often with similar causes, creating problems for both the skin and body. Now there are innovative formulas which are able to target effectively the causes of these problems. without having to resort to drastic surgery.

In order to make our shape more harmonious, the science of beauty has always strived to develop multifunctional treatment strategies, capable of dealing with various aspects of the same problems simultaneously and producing results which are both rapid and visible. One clear example of this is laser-liposculpture, a micro-invasive surgical procedure, which makes use of sophisticated laser technology in combination with lipo-suction techniques, thus able to solve many kinds of cosmetic issues.

For the procedure in question, a small fibreglass tube is inserted under the skin via a small incision, gently penetrating the tissue and sucking out excess fat. The laser, skilfully manipulated by the doctor, enables the dissolving of the fat cells, meaning that in their liquid state they can be easily removed from the body without damaging remaining tissue.

At the end of the procedure a small compress is applied which can be removed after a few days. The recovery period is relatively easy and with the simplicity of the operation the doctor is able to focus on producing maximum aesthetic results.