MACROLANE - Non surgical increase in the legs or buttocks with Hyaluronic Acid

MACROLANE – Non surgical increase in the legs or buttocks with ialuronic acid
Market research has revealed that a significant number of people want to change their body naturally without the use of implants or invasive surgical implants. Many people are also extremely dubious about going under general anaesthetic and having scars post treatment.

Today, Macrolane™, , with a simple and safe injection, increases the volume and tone of the skin, creating harmonious forms and instantly restoring lost volume, for a natural and personal look.

Macrolane is based exclusively on tried and tested Q-Med NASHA technology using ialuronic acid.

Iauluronic acid is one of the most versatile substances in existence and is completely natural. It can be found in each part of our body and helps give elasticity to our skin.

Macrolane gel, pure and not taken from animals, is injected with a small needle into the treated area in order to give volume. The results are instant and long-lasting, though not permanent.

The effects of a single Macrolane injection can last up to 12 months, until the organism has slowly metabolized the Macrolane gel.

For even longer-lasting effects, it is sufficient to undergo a further treatment.


Treated Zone

  • Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs and Calves, thus obtaining a symmetrical and straightening look of the legs
  • Arms, with the increase in volume lessening flaccid or drooping skin brought about by aging

Advantages of Macrolane Treatment

  1. Immediate results thanks to a cosmetic treatment personalised for the needs of the individual.
  2. Greater feeling of security with non-surgical non-invasive treatment.
  3. A quick return to normal daily life thanks to an extremely fast recovery period post treatment.
  4. Peace of mind knowing that only natural and safe substances are inserted into your body.

Last minute treatment available before the summer with no recovery period necessary.