Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

Hair Removal With Laser

Body hair causes problems for many people, and more and more people, both men and women, find themselves turning to laser hair removal: the modern alternative to traditional methods.
Dermatology research has proven the effectiveness of this sophisticated cosmetic technique, which uses a highly precise instrument to generate a powerful ray, focused by the expert with millimetric precision on the treated area, able to recognise the key points of the skin structure.
Once the ray has found its target, it transforms itself into thermal energy and hitting the hair follicles and the small capillaries which provide nutrients to the root of the hair.

Neither painful nor invasive, the treatment should always be preceded by an accurate preliminary examination by a cosmetic doctor who, after a thorough evaluation of the state of health of the patient, will examine the skin and determine that the appearance of hair is natural and not due to hormonal imbalances, thus determining the correct course of treatment.

The specially cooled hand piece is able to protect the surface of the skin before, during and after each pulse, as the laser energy reaches the root of the hair. This combination of the cooling of the skin with the emission of laser light to remove unwanted hair, and then to remove the hair efficiently from any type of skin of the face and body.

Pregnant women and those who are exposed regularly to the sun prior to treatment or who habitually use tanning beds are excluded from treatment of permanent hair removal. The treatment can not in fact be performed truly effectively on particularly tanned skin: the most effective results are obtained when there is a marked color difference between the hair bulb and the surrounding skin.

This treatment leads to a reduction of the hairs that varies from zone to zone and which in most cases is close to 90%. It is possible that over time a small amount of hair can grow back. Normally, however, the hairs which grow back have a very small diameter and the result can then be classified as having a long term effect.

The appearance of the treated area after a session of permanent hair removal laser varies from patient to patient depending on the size of the area being treated and the type of skin. After the session a modest redness of the treated area can occur, which disappears in a short time and can be alleviated through the use of soothing creams to be applied on the area of skin after treatment. In any case, there are no side effects which could obstruct an immediate resumption of normal activity immediately after treatment.

In addition to using disinfecting and soothing creams, after treatment the use of sunscreen with a high protection is recommended, especially in areas exposed to sunlight.

To obtain a satisfactory result 5-8 sessions of laser hair removal, enacted on a monthly basis are usually required, but this depends on the individual case and the different areas to be treated. The number of treatments cannot be defined exactly because other variables may influence the result: the type of hair and the growth phase, color, location, and depth, hormonal status and pigmentation of the skin.