Removal of hypertrophic scars

Removal of hypertrophic scars

There are several techniques used to improve the appearance of scars, yet it should be stressed that no scar can ever be completely erased. The great differences between the various forms of scars lead to different approaches in the choice of appropriate treatment, and it is also vital to understand the expectations of the patient.

Laser therapy

A high energy laser source is used to renew the damaged skin tissue, reducing any residues and improving itching. Keloid or hypertrophic scars require more sessions of laser therapy spaced a few months apart. For the treatment of acne scars fractional ablative lasers are used instead.

Chemical peelings

The use of chemical peelings removes the most superficial layer of the skin by removing the scar tissue. There are several substances which can be applied, such as glycolic acid. The choice of the substance to be used depends on the type of scar.


The infiltration of fillers such as collagen and hyaluronic acid immediately improves the appearance of the scar reducing its depth. The treatment should be repeated every eight months or so.