Skin blemishes

Skin blemishes

The goal of the laser therapy of skin spots or blemishes, also known as liver spots, is to eliminate any abnormal concentration of melanin. The laser beam penetrates the skin layer and, thanks to its specific wavelength, is selectively absorbed by melanin, fragmenting the abnormal concentrations which will subsequently be eliminated by the immune system. These spots tend to appear in older people, particularly on the back of the hands and face, areas typically more exposed to ultraviolet light, the main cause of such problems.

Skin blemishes - What can be expected during and after the treatment?

Modern laser therapy is without doubt the fastest and most efficient method of eliminating such imperfections, compared to other treatments such as peeling or dermoabrasion. Side effects are practically non-existent and the patient experiences only a small sensation of heat, while a light reddening will be present on the area of skin treated, but this will gradually disappear in the space of a few days.

How many sessions are necessary to achieve optimal results?

Generally the spots are eliminated in just one session. If the quantity of melanin is particularly high, a second sitting is necessary a couple of months after the first. Laser treatment has a success rate greater than 90%, although it is possible that some blemishes may return if particular attention is not paid to the protection of the skin from ultraviolet rays with an adequate sunscreen.