Cosmetic Surgery

...Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery enables both Man and Women to reach that harmonious ideal to which intimately, though not necessarily realistically, they feel they resemble.
The cosmetic surgeon draws on the imagined ideal of the patient’s self in combination with his artistic and technical abilities to attain the result desired.
The Cosmetic Surgeon doesn’t negate Nature, he exalts it, using Art as a method of attaining a true balance of volume and symmetry.
This with of course respect to both Man and Woman, as always at the centre of the final design.  

...Assisted formula

The path that confronts the patient as they try to improve their self image, is with us a safe and secure journey, with the guarantee of an expert surgeon and his knowledgeable team, attentive along every step of the treatment with the necessary care and support.
Every single one of our patients is carefully supported in every phase of the course of treatment: in the personalised relationship with the surgeon; in the clinics in terms of the exceptional comfort and security in which the treatment takes places; in the choice of the most suitable technology - the best on the market, and in the psychological support guaranteed by the specialists involved, whenever desired, in this process of renewal, before, during and after the treatment.
In this way the balance of form is reached by the body and, unified to the subsequent tranquillity of the mind, gives light to an emergent and authentic beauty.