Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Italian Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Breasts are an extremely important part of the female body, giving definition to its form. To be in harmony with one’s own body is vital both from an aesthetic and psychological point of view.
For many women, breasts are not simply a part of the body, but something far more significant. Their dimensions go beyond that of an organ used for the feeding of a baby, becoming an instrument of attraction for the opposite sex: an expression of abundance, grace and wellbeing, with subsequent significant consequences for one’s sexuality. It is for this that an underdeveloped chest is rarely well regarded by anyone, neither men nor women. 


Why are breasts small?

It seems a banal question but at the same time thousands of women, unsatisfied with the size of their breasts, consider this question every day.
It is necessary to distinguish between breasts which are simply small and a situation where there is a medical condition of some kind, where we are concerned with a chest which is underdeveloped.

To understand the difference it is here important to objectively analyse the specific situations tied to the age, physical condition and medical condition of the woman in question. There are stages of life in which a small chest is normal – infancy, adolescence – while the adult breasts are affected by various hereditary, genetic, dietary and hormonal elements - let’s not forget that 80% of breasts is fat.

It should be noted that the level of oestrogen plays a significant role in the development.

One should always keep in mind, however, that having a small chest does not necessarily indicate a medical problem, and even smaller breasts are usually capable of lactating normally. Obviously in many instances small breasts are a result of external factors, such as maternity or significant weight loss.
It should also be noted that over abundant breasts may not be agreeable in proportion to the body and can even cause various problems related to posture and the spine.

In these sections the various possible treatment techniques for breast enlargement and reduction will be discussed.

Only a professional can help you to determine your correct aesthetic form.