Breast augmentation - Mastoplastic Additive

Breast augmentation - Mastoplastic Additive Italy
Historically the symbol of maternity, breasts, in daily western life, represent one of the essential elements of femininity, an unquestionable witness for every woman of her own seductive force. In this context breast enlargement works both as an instrument of aesthetic improvement and a distinct improvement in the self esteem of the woman, who with this operation can find again the harmony of her desired form.
  • Underdeveloped breasts (breast hypoplasia)
  • Small and loose breasts (mammary hypotrophy with mild ptosis)
  • Empty breasts (post-preganncy)
  • Breasts reduced by a mastectomy
  • Asymmetrical breasts (one breast smaller than the other)

In these cases the implant of a particular prosthesis, specific in terms of material and volume, will firstly improve the imperfection. Today improvements in medicine have enabled the production of implants for the remodelling of the breasts with new materials and anatomic forms. As well as silicone breast implants, very often used (despite arguments about their safety they remain the most diffuse and trustworthy) because they give the most natural sensation, we have hydrogel implants (a mix of water and sugar in a solution), designed by the French plastic surgeon Henry Arion.
The choice of the type of implants is in any case especially important to define together with the surgeon in order to match the desires of the patient with the results that can be attained.


Breast enlargement – When?

  • After 20 years old.
  • If for underdeveloped breasts for a minimal of inexistent development of the mammary glands.
  • In the case of excessive weight loss (with breasts being in large part made of fat it is clear that a reduction in the body’s weight will lead to a reduction in the volume of the breast.)
  • In the presence of loosening as a result of age or one or more pregnancies.
  • To give your breasts the volume you desire.
  • To find again an idea form

Surgical Technique of Dr Domenico Miccolis

Usually, via a small incision at the areola, either at the infra-mammary fold or armpit, the surgeon introduces the chosen implant; this is positioned under the mammary glands or under the pectoral muscle, after having first created a natural pocket in which to insert it.
The cut then becomes invisible. Sometimes a drainage process is affected for twenty four hours with the goal of eliminating serous membrane and reducing the risk of hematoma.

The operation takes place under sedation and local anaesthetic, or, in some cases, general anaesthetic, within a structure authorized for surgical operations.


Breast enlargement in Italy – Post operation

NIn the post-operative period it is recommended to avoid excessive arm movement for around two weeks, during which time it is also recommended that the patient wears a containing bra. The stitches are removed within the clinic approximately 8-10 days after the operation.

The recovery period is short and doesn’t present any particular discomforts.

A certain tenderness in the area will resolve itself in the course of ten days or so. In some cases it can happen that the scarring that forms around the implant will be excessive and lead to an increase in the consistency in the breasts. This necessitates further checkups and, in some cases, further measures which are defined by the surgeon according to the particular case: a compression to soften the area of scarring or a second operation in order to adjust the implant.

The patient can also experience, as a result of the surgical trauma in sensitive nerves, a reduced sensitivity in the nipple and areola: this reduction is transitory and in a few months the normal level of sensitivity will return. Complications, such as hematoma or infections, only occur very rarely.
Daily activities can in any case be taken up again after 3-4 days, while for sporting activities a period of rest of one month is recommended. The same can be said for exposure to the sun, with exception to the area where the cut was made, where it is necessary to wait at least six months.


Duration time of breast enlargement surgery

Anesthetic: Local with sedation or general
Duration time: 45 min – 60 min
Time in clinic: 6 hours
Number of medication: 2
Resting period: 7 days


Breast enlargement - Before and after

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