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Breast reduction Italy
Breasts are a fundamentally important part of aesthetics which have throughout the ages been the highest expression of femininity, drawing both erotic and artistic attention, to the extent of becoming a true and proper cult.

The concept of the beauty of a pair of breasts is difficult to define specifically and objectively; varying through periods of time and according to age, country, race and cultural origin. Beautiful breasts can have many different forms but their beauty is also directly connected to their size. Once perfect or ideal breasts were much smaller, yet now an abundant bosom and provocative cleavage is unquestionably preferred, whereas a flat and sagging or overly large and drooping chest is considered unattractive. Women often have difficulty accepting this fact and will do all that they can to hide what they feel to be inadequate.
Today’s fashions also means that it is more difficult to mask imperfect breasts, and in these cases surgery becomes almost always necessary.

This treatment is requested above all by younger women whose chest has developed excessively during puberty.
Very often large and sagging breasts can be perceived as something ‘abnormal’ and create various problems and conditions for the person concerned.
Frequently, and at times seriously, there are functional problems, such as backache, spinal problems, painful skin problems on the back caused by the bra, and a reddening of the inframammary fold caused by friction of the skin.
Breast reduction surgery has the aim of reducing the volume of the breasts and returning them to their optimal position, modelling their new form according to the shape of the body and the desires of the patient.

Breast reduction surgery – When and why?

  • After 20 years old.
  • Even at a young age breast hypertrophy can cause functional as well as aesthetic problems.
  • For not so young patients the operation can also give them a sense of rejuvenation which allows them to re-evaluate how they perceive their body and to once again feel in harmony with themselves; trusting and secure. The once falling breasts acquire shape and firmness. 

Breast reduction surgery – Surgical technique of Dr Domenico Miccolis

There are various techniques which can be used for this operation, according to the particularities of the individual case.
These can be distinguished by the type of incision made.

Breast surgery with only a periareolar incision

There is just one incision made, which circles the whole of the areola. It can be used in cases of elastic skin and often where there is not excessive skin or volume.

Breast surgery with vertical incision

Here there is a thin lineal and vertical incision made at the lower margin of the areola along the inframammary fold.

Breast reduction surgery with L-shaped incision

The vertical incision as it reaches the fold then turns for a few centimetres across the external area of said fold.

Breast reduction surgery with T-shaped incision

The T-shaped incision involves a vertical incision from the areola to the fold and a horizontal incision in the line of the fold.

Reductive Surgery – Phases of Treatment

  • Preparation of the tissue which holds the areola, which will then serve to move it to the new position.
  • Symmetrical removal of excessive skin and glandular tissue.
  • Shaping and modelling of the breasts, refined with a small, precise stitching of the skin.

The drainage pads are removed after one or two days.

A support dressing is placed as the operation occurs and is removed 48 hours after the operation to be replaced by a containing bra, which must be worn day and night for a minimum of one month.


Breast reduction surgery – post operation

The operation, which takes place under general anaesthetic, in a safe and official environment, has a non painful recovery period - though at times the sides of the breasts may experience a burning sensation due to the stitching - and usually involves 1-2 days of hospital stay.
The stitches are removed after the operation, usually within 15-20 days.
The scarring remains for a certain period subtle and linear, but then around the third month will redden, before then clearing up definitively by the seventh or ninth month.
Daily activities can in any case be taken up again after 3-4 days, while excessive pressure to the area should be avoided for at least 15 days.
Complications, such as hematoma and infections, are very rare.

The sensitivity of the areola and nipple usually returns in a period of between 2 and 6 months. Sometimes, however, particularly if the breast reduction surgery is carried out on particularly large breasts, the termination of certain nerves, invisible to the naked eye, can result in a longer recovery time of the original sensitivity, and in some rare cases can leave the area with a reduced sensitivity.


Duration Time of Breast Reduction Surgery

Anaesthetic: Local with sedation or general
Duration time: 90 min – 120 min
Time in clinic: 24 hours
Number of types of medication: 3
Resting period: 14 days

Breast Reduction - Before and after

Mastoplastica riduttiva Verona - PrimaMastoplastica riduttiva Verona - DopoMastoplastica riduttiva Verona - PrimaMastoplastica riduttiva Verona - Dopo