Nipple Correction

Nipple correction a type of cosmetic surgery to correct and remodel the shape of the nipples. 

Inverted Nipple

When the nipple does not emerge from the flat areola it is known as “inversion”. The correction of an inverted nipple is requested mainly by younger women for aesthetic, psychological and functional reasons (repercussions on their sex life, problems of hygiene, difficulty with lactation, formation of abscesses on the breasts etc).  

Drooping Nipple

This defect is generally associated with small breasts, worn out as a result of extended periods of lactation. In this case the request for a correction of the nipple is rarely isolated, more often the woman will ask for surgery with an introduction of prosthetics to return volume to the tissues, and for aesthetic reasons correct the drooping nipple, and if necessary the tightening of the areola. The technical aspect of the operation consists of a re-sectioning of a part of the nipple and a shortening of its length. And if the areola is too large then there will also be a partial readjustment to reduce it (areola-nipple resizing). 


  • Aneasthetic: local
  • Duration of operation: 30 minutes
  • Recovery time in clinic: 4 hours
  • Number of different medication: 2
  • Recovery period: 2 days