You can now have a facelift with no incisions and no evident scarring.
A new ‘soft’ method of mini-surgery: a special thread which produces a lifting effect in the tissues.

Once upon a time there was the facelift... It seems the start of an ugly fairytale, noticeable even from a distance: the skin stretched, movements unnatural and difficult, wide eyes; unquestionably an unnatural face.

Yet cosmetic surgery has made significant progress and continues towards less invasive techniques which respect the physiognomy and physiology of the face without damaging it, though it must be clearly and honestly communicated that there is no surgical technique which should be considered unquestionably to be the best: the choice of the most appropriate technique depends on the type of patient, the age, the state of the skin and the conditions under the skin. The wise patient will visit the surgeon in time, when the changes to be made are still modest in size, and they can choose from a range of mini invasive techniques of restoration and maintenance of the youthful look.

This innovative and minimally invasive technique, using just a needle and thread - which appears to the naked eye to be a simple surgical thread, but is actually of a specially designed structure, dotted with tiny spines which “anchor” the skin, pulling and raising it the required amount. It is a thread which sustains the skin through which it passes, meaning that it is no longer necessary to have stitches connected to the varying contours of the face. This new technique can eventually also be practiced in association with traditional face lifts or to correct any asymmetries post-operation.
It is possible to operate on any area of the face or neck affected by sagging skin. This method is also ideal when a patient suffers from a flat or poorly defined face.
The operation can take place under local anaesthetic, and the result is immediate and lasts for years, though it doesn’t exclude the possibility of retouching or integrating a further lift or other interventions in the successive months and years.
Furthermore, this operation can be carried out without damaging the body or necessitating medication, apart from the use of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. It can also be used to reshape the cheekbones, chin, forehead, neck and jaw at the same time, meaning that it costs less than traditional surgical techniques.

This new technique guarantees a natural and more youthful-looking face.


Anaesthetic: local with sedation
Operation time: 60 minutes
Recovery time in clinic: 6 hours
Number of types of medication: 1
Recovery period: 5 days