Lifting – Rejuvenation

In the last few years the necessity to intervene in the ageing process or of skin deficit has led to a greater availability of therapeutic techniques in order to respond adequately to the requests of patients, both from a surgical and dermatological point of view.
The term lifting refers to the surgical raising of relaxed skin tissue in order to produce a significant rejuvenation effect.
Of all the operations and techniques used to combat ageing, the face lift is without doubt one of the most frequently carried out.
In general, the wrinkles of the face and bags under the eyes are not considered aesthetically pleasing and are difficult to accept.
The extreme variability in what can happen to the face of a person means that for the surgeon every single patient should be considered a particular case to be solved.

The conversation before the operation itself is therefore fundamental to evaluate what action should be taken.

The choice of the type of operation to be used is advised by the surgeon according to the individual needs of the patient.