Light Lifting

By using a combination technique which is both non invasive and extremely effective, it is possible to modify the small details that weigh heavy on your expression.
“Mini-operations” which give a new and sensual glow to your shape. A new surgical approach designed above all for the younger women and men able to modify a tired looking face in little time: Light lift.

Light lifting can be used to correct problems related to the area around the eyebrows, eyes and cheekbones. 

Eyebrow Lift

Low or sloping eyebrows are raised to make the look more attractive. A small, elliptical incision is made 3cm from the hairline. The muscle structure is then repositioned and any excessive skin is removed. 

Correction of the eyebrows

If the eyebrows are too marked a reduction is necessary in order to help them align with the rest of the face. In other cases, when the eyebrows are poorly defined, a mini implant is necessary. A bandage is applied after the operation for several days and the stitches are removed after the twelfth day.

Cheekbone re-modelling

If the cheekbone has lost its position, as a result of a congenital condition or a relaxation of the muscles and skin, they can then be repositioned. If however the cheekbones are either not pronounced or too pronounced they can be either increased or made smaller.

Removal of the bags under the eyes – blepharoplasy

The bags found under the eyes, formed by excess skin and fat, is removed by means of an incision under the eyeline. For this procedure laser is optimal: its precise ray enables a preciseness which ensures that any scarring will be invisible. Any excess fat and skin is removed and after the operation the stitches are covered with small containing plasters which are then removed after four days.

Upper Eyelid lightening – blepharoplasy

When there is an excess of skin and fat, which can affect the look of the patient and even make the eye look smaller than it really is, with an eventual tightening of the area if necessary. 
An incision is made by laser and the eyelid is then raised, anchored with stitching internal to the eye muscles. Any excess fat and skin is removed and the operation is completed with the application of intra-dermal stitches and a plaster which is then removed after four days.


Anaesthetic: local with sedation
Operation time: 60 minutes
Recovery time in clinic: 12 hours
Number of types of medication: 3
Recovery period: 10-12 days