Lip shaping - Cheiloplasty

The lips are an extremely important part of the body, vital for expression and for the aesthetics of the face, meaning that more and more women ask an increase in their volume.
Some patients want more flesh to their lips, while others opt for a light retouch to emphasise the contours, making it easy to apply makeup and to improve imperfections, thin wrinkles and expression lines.
Today this treatment is possible thanks to specifically defined remodelling techniques, applicable according to the individual case.
These changes can be made either with surgery or with the use of specific medicine.
Each individual patient is analysed and the suitable plan of treatment is then decided upon with the surgeon.

Treatment with Medicine

Many skin flaws can be corrected by inserting a biological or synthetic product into or under the skin. These products, usually known as “fillers”, may have the same final goal, but differ in terms of their biological or physical makeup. 
The object of a filler is to reconstruct damaged skin, eliminate wrinkles or rebuild thinning lips.
This material must in all cases be biocompatible with the original tissue in order to restore that lost vitality and adaptable to the skin type, remodelling itself according to the anatomical structure.

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“V Y” Surgery

It is a true re-shaping surgery, enabling an extremely natural and permanent result, with no synthetic implants or transplants subject to the risk of reabsorption.
Following a careful design made before the operation, an incision is made on the inside of the mouth, and the lip is reshaped and raised. 
The operation takes place in a normal clinic under local anaesthetic. There will be some mild swelling and in some cases a temporary reduction of sensitivity. 


  • LIPOSTRUCTURE: The lips of the patient are refilled with fat taken from their own body. A small surgical operation using local anaesthetic with or without sedation.
  • Skin graft: a fragment of skin is inserted into the lip. 

Surgical Cheiloplasty: Summary

Anaesthetic: local
Operation time: 30 minutes
Recovery time in clinic: 2 hours
Number of types of medication: -
Recovery period: -

Cheiloplasty with Medicine: Summary

Anaesthetic: -
Operation time: 10 minutes
Recovery time in clinic: -
Number of types of medication: -
Recovery period: -