LipoSculpture Face/Neck - Double chin correction

The fat of double chin, of the neck and of the cheeks is eliminated: often along with a facelift.

Micro-invasive surgical treatment which, in respect to traditional liposuction, makes use of a combination of an extremely versatile and sophisticated technique and laser, which, in recent times, gives the patient the opportunity to whatever aesthetic problem they may have. One of the advantages of this technique is that it can achieve a significant reduction in unsightly fat deposits, with the lack of supporting structure in the area meaning that the laser beam can come into direct contact with the tissue cells.

A small fibreglass cable is used, with a diameter of 1mm, which passes through a 3mm incision made on the skin and sucks out excess fat, leaving only a tiny scar which will then disappear in the space of a few weeks. 

The laser, carefully regulated by the surgeon, is placed on the fat cells and dissolves them, meaning they assume a liquid state, which thus assures an easy removal and which avoids any lesions of the veins or nerves.
The simplicity of the mechanism of this treatment and the elimination of the possibility of some complications as a result of the surgery consents the specialist to focus their attention on the anatomical area on which they must operate, meaning that they can achieve impressive results and ensure that the patient will be satisfied with the results.
At the end of the operation an elastic compress bandage is applied to the area which is then removed after a few days, meaning that the recovery period is not too difficult: beauty renewed and re-found. 


Anaesthetic: local
Operation time: 30 minutes
Recovery time in clinic: 6 hours
Number of types of medication: 2
Recovery period: 7 days