Otoplasty - Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Otoplasty - Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Corrects ears that stick out.

Ears that stick out usually occur because of a genetic malfunction and can be easily corrected with a short operation. The recovery time is brief and the results are immediately visible and long lasting.


When and why?

The operation can be performed at any age.

By any standards otoplasty is a good type of surgery: the quality of the final result is easily noticeable and the scars are hidden behind the ears, meaning the patient is left completely satisfied with the operation.

Sticking out ears can be the subject of derision and teasing, particularly in adolescents, though the same is often true for adults.

Did you know that..

The first ever cosmetic surgery operation was a correction of sticking out ears, which a young surgeon from Rochester, New York, Edward Ely performed on a twelve year old boy, in 1881. 

Surgical Technique

Cosmetic ear surgery is performed with a technique which works on the cartilage of the ear, reshaping it and moving it towards the head: the defect in fact occurs as a result of the shape and position of the cartilage.

An incision is made behind the ear and a small part of the skin, covering the problematic cartilage, is then removed. The cartilage is reshaped and the outer reduced if too large.
The operation requires local anaesthetic and sedation.

Post Operation

After the operation a compress bandage is applied for a couple of days around the head in order to protect the ears and lessen swelling. A small amount of pain, which can easily be treated with regular painkillers, is normal.

The recovery period is short: after a couple of days the patient is able to return to normal activities.
The stitches are removed after 6-8 days.
It is advised not to expose the ears to sources of heat or cold temperatures for at least one month after the operation.
Complications such as infections are rare.


  • Anaesthetic: local with sedation if necessary
  • Operation time: 40 minutes
  • Recovery time in clinic: 4 hours
  • Number of types of medication: 2
  • Recovery period: 3 days