Liposuction - Lipo-sculpture - Fat deposit correction


Liposuction, perfected in 1978 by the surgeon Yves G. Illous, one of the most innovative cosmetic surgery techniques available: as older concepts of feminine beauty such as the curviness of the forms found in Ruben’s “The Graces” are forgotten and a new form emerges.
With this technique localised fat deposits which are typically resistant to dieting and other treatments can be eliminated.
This treatment can be carried out on all areas of the body, most typically the legs and stomach.

Liposuction at Verona – When and why

At any age, if you have skin which is elastic enough to be adapted to fit the area where the fat has been removed.
It is the only way to definitively remove fat deposits and to make genuinely noticeable improvements to the form of the body.
But one should take care: even if the removed fat doesn’t return, any subsequent increase in the fat levels of the body as a whole will result in a redistribution of the fat across the surface of the body. Patients predisposed to weight fluctuations should consider consulting a dietologist both before and after the operation. In this way the patient, assisted from a psychological point of view, will be able to follow a healthier path in the future and ensure excellent long term results 

Liposuction – Surgical Technique

This technique is based on the principle that fat beneath the skin can be eliminated simply by using a sucking method: by means of tiny 5mm incisions, slim tubes are inserted under the skin which then suck out the excessive fat and the surgeon then remodels the treated area. Liposuction is a true surgical reshaping of the body which requires great skill and sense of proportion.


Liposuction – Where

  • Outer thigh
  • Inner thigh
  • Stomach area
  • Inner area around knee
  • Hips

The operation requires local anaesthetic with sedation if the treated area is small, or general anaesthetic if the area is larger.


Liposuction – Post operation

The patient can return to their normal life the day after the operation. During the post-operation recovery period the use of a protective compress or sleeve is recommended in order to enable a perfect adaptation of the skin to the body’s new shape and reduce any bruising, which generally disappears in the space of 15-20 days. The stitches are removed after one week.

Complications, such as hematoma and cell damage, are rare.
Any possibility of making certain adjustments or retouches to help ensure perfect results will be evaluated in subsequent checkups.

Normal daily activity can be taken up in the days following the operation but should be done so with great caution, seeing that movement will be limited by the medication taken and that if the amount of fat removed is significant, the patient may experience a certain physical tiredness: in this case professional activity should be carefully planned.

Liposuction - Summary

  • Anaesthetic: local or general with sedation
  • Duration of operation: 30-90 min
  • Time spent in clinic: 6 hours
  • Number of types of medication: 2
  • Recovery period: 7 days


Liposuction – examples before and after


Before and after 7 days