Mini Tummy Tuck

In 30% of cases the aesthetic issues related to the stomach area are limited to the area below the belly button, with a modest excess of skin and fat, generally associated with a relaxation of the abdominal muscles. In these cases the classical tummy tuck technique would be disproportionate to the imperfection that needs correcting, and yet a simple liposuction will not achieve the desired effect. The best solution therefore is a halfway method between the two: a mini tummy tuck, which produces minimal scarring and does not affect the belly button, meaning that the recovery period is shorter and more comfortable.
In technical terms, with this operation an incision is made which detaches the skin of the lower abdomen, and excess skin and fat, as well as eventual stretch marks, are then removed.
The operation is completed with a precise suture of the skin and with the insertion of a small surgical drain in the incision, which is then removed 48 hours after the operation.
An initial containing and compressing dressing will then be replaced by a containment support, which should be worn for at least three weeks.

After a resting period of at least ten days, the stitches are removed and the patient can return to normal daily life.
Complications, such as hematoma and infections are rare.


Anaesthetic: Local with sedation
Duration of operation: 45 min
Time spent in clinic: 12 hours
Number of types of medication: 6
Recovery period: 10 days