Chest Correction

This operation is characterised by an increase in the chest of the man. The chest glands of the man increase at the time of puberty as a result of hormonal stimulus, but can soon begin to decrease and decay.
In some individuals we can also see an increase in volume of the chest glands causing the appearance of “man boobs”.

As well as an increase in the volume of the chest glands we may also witness an excess of fatty tissue, sometimes both at the same time.

The diagnosis is made during a visit to the specialist.
For a more precise evaluation of the dimensions of the chest glands it is possible to undergo an eco-graph of the area concerned. This analysis is essential in order to determine the exact type of treatment to use to solve the problem.

The treatment is surgical in any case, but varies according to the presence of an excess of fat or an excess in the volume of the gland.

If there is an excess of fat tissue it can be corrected with liposuction, usually under local anaesthetic.

In the case of an excess of the chest glands, liposuction can also be used, but in the event that this is not sufficient, the glands are removed from the area by means of an incision around the areola and the remaining fatty tissue is reshaped with liposuction.

This treatment takes place under local anaesthetic with sedation.

After the operation is complete the chest is covered with a compress bandage.


Chest Correction - Summary

  • Anaesthetic: Local with sedation if necessary
  • Duration of operation: 30 min
  • Time spent in clinic: 6 hours
  • Number of types of medication: 2
  • Recovery period: 3 days 


Examples before and after