Liposuction and laser-lipo-sculpture of the pubis

Cellulite, localised fat deposits, hardening of the skin, skin marks: different, but often they combine to damage the appearance of the skin and of the body. But there are many innovative solutions to these problems, capable of working in a defined way on both the effects and the causes of these problems. To make us look better and improve the shape of the body, the science of beauty – since the beginning focused on the formulation of multifunctional strategies, capable of treating simultaneously many aspects of the same problem – making available exceptionally effective instruments capable of guaranteeing results which are both visible and fast.

One example is that of laser-liposculpture, a minimally-invasive surgical technique which, in addition to traditional liposuction, uses a sophisticated and versatile piece of technology, namely the laser, which in its latest evolutions is capable of resolving almost any aesthetic problem.
One of the biggest advantages of this technique is that it allows the laser to come into direct contact with the fatty tissues, using a carbon-fibre wire with a diameter of 1mm, which runs along the suction tube and penetrates easily into the area to be treated, sucking out the excessive fat. 

The energy of the laser, moderated by the surgeon, then enables these fat cells to be dissolved, causing them to assume a liquid state, enabling their easy removal without damaging the capillaries and nerves.
The simplicity of this technique and the absence of the possibility of surgical complications allows the specialist to focus their attention on the area to be treated, reshaping the aesthetic appearance of the zone according to the expectations of the patient.
Once the operation, which takes place under local anaesthetic, is finished, a compress bandage is applied to cover the affected area, and is removed after a few days. A demonstration of beauty renewed and found again.