The Patient

Doctor-Patient Rapport

Every single improvement to be made to the physical harmony of the individual first merits a careful evaluation of the person as a whole. A thorough preliminary examination of the patient enables the surgeon to thus faithfully follow the laws of beauty, personalising them according to the physical characteristics and psychology of the individual patient.
Because of this it is vital that, as well as a physical examination, the patient and surgeon have a detailed conversation about the patient’s needs, wants and desires. The preliminary visit is incredibly important: the doctor, after a thorough analysis of the subject, will inform the patient as to the precise method of treatment suitable for their particular situation, as well as the steps to take after the treatment has been carried out.

The Cosmetic Surgeon, therefore, must demonstrate not just technical skill, but be also an attentive listener and consultant, happy to assist the patient with advice and suggestions before, during and after the treatment itself.

Psychological Counselling

Any type of medical treatment, regardless of the actual difficulty or risk involved, can understandably generate anxiety, worry and nervousness, particularly when an operation will change in some perceptible way our physical appearance. As Aristotle observed centuries ago, a modification in the form of our body can sometimes produce a change in our mode of being. For the patient who prefers to be reassured and guided through their course of treatment, the studio of Dr Domenico Miccolis places at their disposition, completely free of charge, the services of Dr Gabriella Candosin, psychologist and psychotherapist, available at the studio and clinics of Dr Miccolis.