Your tailor made breasts with BioDynamic

biodynamic mastoplatica additiva analisi computerizzata

With the BioDynamic simulator the patient has the possibility of seeing the final results of the breast enlargement before the surgery has taken place.

Very simply, with this computerized simulation program Dr Domenico Miccolis will take and design the implants most suitable to the particular situation of the patient. It also possible on request to try the implants using a specially made bra covered with an elastic shirt.


First there will be a consultation at the clinic to evaluate the health of the patient and the possibility of breast enlargement surgery. The patient undresses and the cosmetic surgeon will make an accurate diagnosis with the aid of a computer.
The BioDynamic program guides the surgeon step by step to reveal a series of biometric data: the distance between the breasts, distance between the nipple and the collarbone, and so on. It is an extremely accurate system of measurement and is used to give an idea of the type of implants which can be inserted and what the final result will be.

In fact the BioDynamic system can recommend to the doctor the exact type of implant to be used and what the exact final dimensions should be. The patient will then take a special simulator made of silicon – sizer – and a bra which is then covered by an elastic shirt.
The patient sees how their new breasts will be and can then decide whether to undergo breast enlargement surgery.

Biodynamic masto plastica additiva prova protesi